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A Creative Wedding Proposal!

  • Posted on May 28, 2011 at 6:09 pm

The happy couple I ‘married’ today, have a very unusual engagement story. The groom (I’ll name him Andrew) proposed to his bride (Sandy) by creating a crossword puzzle for her to complete – with the words reading ‘Sandy, will you marry me?’ And the ring that sealed this creative engagement, was the precious ring of Sandy’s deceased mother  – imbued with her energy, love and life.

Here’s an excerpt of their love story which I wove into their wedding ceremony:

In what appeared to be a random event, Andrew and Sandy met two years ago at a barbecue. Little did they realize, that in fact the universe had conspired to bring them together through a series of coincidences, in a whirlwind romance that had a life of it’s own. Their relationship unfolded, quickly, easily and without effort or obstacles.

When Sandy first saw Andrew, she saw a glow and a great energy about him. And she was struck by how genuine, honest and trustworthy he was. For his part, Andrew felt cautious and feared even looking at Sandy, knowing that if he did, he would feel consumed by her beauty. And in fact, within 3 days of their first date, Andrew declared his love to Sandy. Within two weeks, they were living together…….

Today’s wedding took place at the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park. This is a truly splendorous tropical paradise – ideal for small weddings with up to a dozen guests – and it’s inexpensive too!