Same Sex Weddings Are Here To Stay

  • Posted on September 21, 2011 at 3:52 am

Many people actively support same-sex marriage. Some people adamantly oppose it. And of course, there are those who are ‘on the fence’ and don’t really have an opinion, one way or another.

I wish that everyone could meet the couples in love that I get to meet. These include ALL the couples I marry – heterosexual AND same-sex. One of the things they have in common is deep abiding love.

In fact, the gay couples I have the good fortune to get to know and marry may even be more expressive of their love and joy to marry, because – unlike the majority of heterosexual couples – love and marriage is a dream they never thought they could realize. Can you imagine anything so sad? Why would we want to deprive another person of this joy?

Most couples I marry do not write their own wedding vows. Yet here is an example (from a same-sex marriage I was privileged to officiate) of the heart felt, personally written wedding vows,written by each man to his beloved partner:


You are the light that brightens my dark,

You are the cool rain in my burning desert,

You are the reason I wake every day,

and the reason I go to sleep happy each and every night,

You are the half that makes me whole.

I love you more than you’ll ever know

and life simply wouldn’t be worth living without you.

I promise to love, cherish and adore you as I have done since the day we met.

I look forward to sharing more excitement, laughter, and good times,

and will be here for you through the tears and tough times too.

You are my best friend, my soul mate, my husband-to-be….

I have one thing to say to you today –

I don’t know much, but I know I love you. 

And that may be all I need to know.


You make me feel…..

‘Lucky’ as you’re my best friend and my soul mate.

‘Grateful’ for how you have believed in me, inspired me and changed my life.

‘Supported’ because I know that I can always rely on you.

‘Happy’ remembering the years of memories we already share.

‘Excited’ about the memories we still have to make. 

I promise that I will continue to care for you, support you

and always be there for you for the rest of our lives together.

You mean everything to me. 

I love you.

~ Your Vancouver Wedding Officiant ~ Roxanne Thornton ~ MarryUs 

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