Ways To Remember A Loved One At Your Wedding

  • Posted on October 3, 2011 at 3:46 pm

During your wedding, you may wish to honor a deceased relative such as a parent, sibling, or grandparent. While you don’t want to overshadow the happiness of the occasion, there are many nice ways to acknowledge a loved one.

Mention the person in the wedding program or in the ceremony. One example is: ‘On this special day, we remember those who are with us in our hearts, including ___, mother of the groom’.

Wear or carry something with sentimental meaning. A pocket watch, piece of jewelry, or handkercheif can be a tangible remembrance.

Play a special song. You can include a song the person loved in the ceremony (you may want to note its significance in the program) or ask the band or DJ to play a particular song during the reception.

Display photos. If one of your parents is deceased, it can be a sweet gesture to display a photo of your parents (perhaps on their wedding day) on a small table near the place card table at the reception.

Make a donation in lieu of favors. Instead of giving guests a take-home item, consider making a donation to a charity or organization that was meaningful to your deceased relative.

~ Your Vancouver Wedding Officiant ~ Roxanne Thornton ~ MarryUs 

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