Acknowledging Your Parents On Your Wedding Day

  • Posted on November 30, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Yes – your wedding is your day. It is also a milestone event for your parents. Some could even see this as the culmination of a parent’s life work. Isn’t this worthy of recognition and gratitude?

Acknowledging your parents within your wedding ceremony can be done in so ways. Certainly there is verbal recognition. There can also be a larger acknowledgment – with the giving of a gift or incorporating a deeper symbolic ritual.

One couple I ‘married’ wanted to acknowledge the successful marriages of both their two sets of grandparents and their two sets of parents. At the entrance of their venue, they displayed enlarged posters of their original wedding pictures. Nothing could have expressed a deeper belief in the power and longevity of love!

Another couple wanted both a special verbal recognition and a gift for their parents – acknowledging that both sets had been married 42 years. In fact, these parents had been exceptional roles models and a beautiful example of wedded love. What could be more worthy of recognition?!

~ Your Vancouver Wedding Officiant ~ Roxanne Thornton ~ MarryUs 

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