Wedding Planning Pitfalls

  • Posted on December 14, 2011 at 12:08 am

To ensure that the planning of your wedding is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, be aware of these planning pitfalls as you make your way through the planning process:


  1. Start with a realistic budget: include all the little costs associated with the wedding (e.g., cake cutting fees, marriage license). Don’t forget to include tax.
  2. Triple check your guest list: share your guest list with your families. This ensures there won’t be any surprise guest additions that will impact your budget and possibly your venue choice.
  3. Secure your wedding dream team and venue right away: vendors book up quickly.
  4. Be a contract expert: look out for mistakes, know what is included, and know what is going to cost extra. Ask your catering manager for floor plans and menus. Find out if they are expecting a price increase before your wedding. Know your final payment and guest count deadline.
  5. Know whose opinions count: be sure to share your plans for the wedding with anyone who has the power to veto them. Sometimes these opinions change the direction of the wedding entirely.
  6. Your invitations: triple check addresses, spelling, times, etc. Ensure all the information you need is included in your RSVP card (e.g., entree choices corresponding with the guest’s name). Start work on the seating plan as guests RSVP.
  7. About your wedding dress: purchase the dress you like best to ensure you won’t have a change of heart. Be sure to bring your proper undergarments and shoes to the fittings, so that the dress will be the right length and can be fitted perfectly.
  8. Account for flowers and decor: remember added delivery, setup, and take-down costs. If you are using friends as vendors, ensure they know that they are being depended on and what their jobs are.
  9. About those DIY projects: don’t leave them to the last minute. Tackle one project every few weeks and delegate if needed.
  10. Be aware of the perfect fit: ensure that your rings fit, that all of your wedding party has tried ON their attire, and that family members have arranged what they’ll be wearing.


Lastly, the biggest pitfall of all: procrastination! Plan ahead, and set goals for yourself so that you are not doing everything at the last minute. It is guaranteed that little things will arise the week of the wedding; by planning ahead, you will have time to address them so that you can enjoy the last few days before your wedding day.


(This article has been re-published with permission from both the author, Alicia Keats and the original publisher, Erin Gilmore. Alicia is one of Vancouver’s premiere Wedding Planners, and won the ‘Industry Achievement Award’ in the 2011 Professional B.C. Wedding Awards. Erin is one of Vancouver’s most accomplished photographers, and is the publisher of the annual ‘Aisle Walk’ magazine.)


~ Your Vancouver Wedding Officiant ~ Roxanne Thornton ~ MarryUs 


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